Hollow Knight Lamp Classic Celebrity Night Light Hollow Knight Grub and Knight by Hollow Knight Lamp with Wooden Frame


Design your everyday with a celebrity wood frame night light that you love to snuggle up to. Match your style with patterns and designs from our professional design team.
Original design. Make personalized gifts with photos of your favorite celebrities. I believe that such a product with your favorite star will bring more surprises to your star chasing journey. Photos of all famous scenes are used to record every moment of your favorite star. This night light with star pictures is the best decoration for star chasing friends in the bedroom and living room, and it can also be given as a gift to friends who like this star. Each lamp will go through strict quality inspection, I believe you will be impressed by its quality.





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Some Introduction about Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2017 Metroidvania action-adventure game developed and published by independent developer Team Cherry. In the game, the player controls the Knight, a nameless insectoid warrior. The Knight explores Hallownest, a fallen kingdom plagued by a supernatural disease. The game is set in diverse subterranean locations, and it features friendly and hostile bug-like characters and numerous bosses. Players have the opportunity to unlock new abilities as they explore each location, along with pieces of lore and flavor text that are spread throughout the kingdom.

Hollow Knight is a 2D side-scrolling Metroidvania soulslike game that takes place in Hallownest, a fictional underground kingdom. The player controls an insect-like, silent, nameless knight while exploring the underground world. The Knight wields a Nail, which is a type of sword, that is used in both combat and environmental interaction.

In most areas of the game, players encounter hostile bugs and other creatures. Melee combat involves using the Nail to strike enemies from a short distance. The player can also learn spells, allowing for long-range attacks. Defeated enemies drop currency called Geo. The Knight starts with a limited number of hit points, which are represented by masks. "Mask Shards" can be collected throughout the game to increase the player's maximum number of masks. When the Knight takes damage from an enemy or from the environment, a mask is reduced. By striking enemies, the Knight gains Soul, which is stored in the Soul Vessel. If all masks are lost, the Knight dies and a Shade enemy appears where they died. The player loses all Geo and can hold a reduced amount of Soul. Players need to defeat the Shade enemy to recover the lost currency and to carry the normal amount of Soul. The game continues from the last visited bench they sat on, which are scattered throughout the game world and act as save points. Initially, the player can only use Soul to "Focus" and regenerate masks, but as the game progresses, players unlock several offensive spells which consume Soul. Additional Soul Vessels used to hold more Soul, can be acquired throughout the game.

Many areas feature more challenging enemies and bosses that the player may need to defeat in order to progress further. Defeating some bosses grants the player access to new abilities. Later in the game, players acquire the Dream Nail, a special sword that can access the minds of Hallownest's creatures. It also enables the player to face more challenging versions of a few bosses and to break the seal to the final boss. If the player defeats the final boss of the game, they are given access to a mode called "Steel Soul". In this mode, dying is permanent, and if the Knight loses all of their masks, the save slot will be reset.

During the game, the player encounters bug-themed non-player characters (NPCs) with whom they can interact. These characters provide information about the game's plot and lore, offer aid, and sell items or services. The player can upgrade the Knight's Nail to deal more damage or find Soul Vessels to carry more Soul. During the course of the game, players acquire items that provide new movement abilities including an additional mid-air jump (Monarch Wings), adhering to walls and jumping off them (Mantis Claw), and a quick dash (Mothwing Cloak). The player can learn other combat abilities, known as Nail Arts, and the aforementioned spells. To further customize the Knight, players can equip various charms, which can be found or purchased from NPCs. Some of their effects include improved combat abilities or skills, granting more masks without regeneration, greater mobility, easier collecting of Geo or Soul, and other transformations to the Knight. Equipping a charm takes up a certain number of limited slots, called notches.

Hallownest consists of several large, interconnected areas with unique themes. With its nonlinear gameplay design, Hollow Knight does not bind the player to one path through the game nor require them to explore the whole world, though there are obstacles that limit the player's access to various areas. The player may need to progress in the story of the game or acquire a specific movement ability, skill, or item to progress further. To fast travel through the game's world, the player can use Stag Stations, terminals connected to a network of tunnels; players can only travel to previously visited and unlocked stations. Other fast travel methods, such as trams, lifts, and the "Dreamgate", are encountered later in the game.

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